{Non-Recipe Post} Travelogue 2013 | 14 Days South Korea Itinerary

6 Jan

Well, hellooo everybody!

It sure has been a long time since I was here. Hope everyone ushered 2014 on a good note 🙂

Anyway, I do owe some of my readers and Facebook friends — my 14 Days South Korea itinerary ever since I came back in June 2013! Yes, it took me that long to sit down, be disciplined and update the itinerary. Sorry that I took so long… my bad 😦

As this was our second time travelling to South Korea, we pretty much knew where we wanted to go. Prior to our two-week long vacation, we did some research on the places of interest. The key word here is GOOGLE.

You need to identify what you intend to see or even food that you want to eat. Because all these play a dominant role in your itinerary. You also need to confirm the place(s) where you will be staying so that you can map out your route(s) for the day.

Here was our itinerary for last year’s travelogue (please click on the link below the picture).

2013-05-31 00.37.00

Travelogue 2013 | 14 Days South Korea Itinerary

Please bear in mind that we veered from our original plan partly because of the bad weather we encountered while we were there.

For the places that I missed out last year, I will surely include them in the upcoming South Korea trip due end February 2014! Yup, I’m heading there again for the 3rd time. So, stay tuned folks 😉

2013-06-02 18.26.08






As always, I remain…

Devotedly yours,
Liza Hassan


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