Mama Carrie

3 Sep

We love this cookie very very much and never once did we ever attempt to bake it on our own. And finally, we mustered enough courage to venture new recipes apart from our old-school cookies.

My mom has several recipe books which she has graciously passed down to me. For a few days last weekend, I re-read the books to familiarise myself with the ingredients and methods. And of course, it helped a great deal that we have sampled so many cookies apart from our own. That served as a rough guide as to how the final outcome should really be.

And here you go, Mama Carrie – a beautiful masterpiece with an equivalent melt-in-your-mouth moment 🙂



  • 250 gm butter
  • 140 gm icing sugar
  • Pinch of salt


  • 2 eggs


  • 380 gm flour
  • 1 ½ tablespoon milk powder
  • ¾ teaspoon baking powder

Icing Topping

  • 2 egg whites
  • 225 gm icing sugar


Cream (A) lightly. Then add in (B) and cream till smooth. Add in the sieved (C) and mix till well blended. Refrigerate for 60 minutes or till firm. Roll out the dough in between sheets of plastic to a 5-mm thickness. Cut it with 5cm round cutter and place it into the baking paper. Bake at 170 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes or till golden brown. Let it cool and then pipe the topping on top. Dribble some melted chocolate on cookies. Use a cocktail stick to make marble pattern. Let it stand for 30 minutes. Put it into an oven and bake at 150 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

For the icing topping, mix all ingredients till well combined to flowing consistency.

Note: Have some flour on hand when you’re rolling the dough. If it’s too soft, just add some flour and roll out the dough again.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and try them now 😉

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